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    Jen grew up in central California and found small-scale organic farming in college. She promptly spent her last two summers in college farming and followed graduation with her first full-season apprenticeship. After spending 15 years alternating farm work and day jobs and half as many looking for land, she is thrilled to finally have a farm of her own. She is also a certified permaculture designer and currently sits on the board of directors for NOFA-NH.


    Places I worked & studied!

    Hawthorne Valley Farm

    Wollam Gardens

    Prairie Crossing Farm

    Bullocks Permaculture Homestead

    Japan WWOOF

    HOG Farm

    Pleasant Valley Farm



    Leigh grew up in Wollongong (just south of Sydney, Australia), and lived a sheltered suburban life until he ventured to Japan to teach English and met Jen and was corrupted into the life of organic farming and permaculture. He has never been the same since. He is currently a social worker who spends his free time ordering irrigation supplies and repairing high tunnels.


    We met while teaching English in Japan – we had mutual friends and were both looking for a hiking partner for Mt. Fuji. Together we’ve volunteered, apprenticed, and worked on farms across Japan, Australia, and the United States. We are so grateful and excited to be starting our farm in an area we love with a great community behind us.


    Born in Sydney; pretty much just wants to be outside, all the time, forever. Current farm goal is to "pick up a chicken"...

    The Kailyard

    A Kailyard is a Scottish kitchen garden – the yard near your house where you grow kale! We thought it was perfect since we’re located in town in a neighborhood, growing food for people’s kitchens, and we both have Scots backgrounds. We also love kale but fear not – we grow many other things too!

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