• 2020 Membership Handbook & FAQ


    When and where is pick-up?


    Pick up for 2020 will be:

    WEDNESDAYS 3pm – 6pm

    Nubanusit Cohousing, Peterborough NH 03458.


    Detailed instructions (parking locations, map, etc) will be emailed prior to the first pick up.


    How does pick-up work?

    We are a market style CSA, which means produce will be set out for you farmers-market style. A list of share contents will be displayed, and you can pack your own share.

    • BYOB (bring your own bag/basket)! If you have surplus grocery bags to donate, please bring them in – we’ll keep a supply of extras on hand in case anyone forgets.
    • Pack your whole share in accordance to what’s posted.
    • Take advantage of the weekly optioned vegetables and the swap table to customize your box!


    Are there any pick-up rules?

    • Please pick up your share within the timeframe stated.
    • Be respectful of the surrounding neighbourhood and property.
    • Please, no pets (leave at home or in the car – don’t forget to roll a window down if it’s warm!).
    • *No smoking* (tobacco can carry and transmit mosaic virus to tomatoes and other nightshades).
    • Kids are welcome, but must be supervised at all times.


    What if I can’t pick up my share?

    • Request delayed pick up. Please email us by 5pm Wednesday. We will pack your share for you to collect outside of hours. The share must be picked up by noon Thursday.
    • Arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. You are responsible for explaining the pick-up procedure to your substitute. This is a great chance to let a friend or relative check out CSA!
    • If unforeseen circumstances arise, please contact us as soon as possible. We will accommodate emergencies to the best of our ability.
    • Abandoned shares (no show + no contact) are forteited.


    What if the pick up time doesn’t work for me?

    Email us if you’d like to pick up a pre-packed box Wednesday evenings/Thursday mornings.


    Do you deliver or have alternate pick-up sites?

    If you have a group of 6+ interested in an alternate pick-up site for pre-packed boxes please contact us.

    We do not offer home/individual delivery.


    Do you have…

    Workshares? We have a limited number of workshares available each year. Please contact us.

    FarmShare Cards? We will work on a farmshare card system for use at farmers markets in the next year or two.

    SNAP? We’re currently working on SNAP registration! Please drop us a line of you’d like to be notified.

    Payment plans? Not this year. In upcoming years we’ll have seasonal (separate spring/summer/fall/winter?) shares available, and likely payment plans for the longest running (summer) share.

    Add-ons? Not at this time, but keep an eye out for updates about our farm stand.

    PYO? Not at this time, though we may do some PYO plantings of some crops in the future.


    Has the produce been washed?

    Most will have been washed, but we highly recommend you give everything another rinse to remove the last of any remaining grit.


    How do I cook/store/freeze this? What is this?

    We’ll include this information in the weekly newsletter and/or you can ask at pick-up!


    Do you do wholesale?

    Local businesses and CSA members may make wholesale bulk purchases.

    Contact us for availability or to express interest.


    Do you have a farm stand/farm store?

    Hopefully soon! We’re working on a farm store to have extras (dairy, syrup, fruit, etc.) available to purchase as you need them. We may also do produce 1-2x a week.


    Where else can I find you?

    Check our website or follow us on FB/Instagram and we’ll keep you posted as we grow!

    Terms and Conditions are outlined in the Membership Agreement.